Phone2park A simpler way to pay for parking in Wellington


The phone2park app is available for both Android and iPhone.

Log in to App

The first time you run the App you will be presented with a screen requesting your Username (your email address), your Password and an optional nickname.

You only need to log in once. After this the app will remember your login details.

Select default vehicle

When you log in for the first time, the app will ask which vehicle it should park by default.

Using the App to pay for parking

When you open the App you'll see a wheel where you can dial up the required parking zone and the amount of time you want to park for.

The App knows the time limits associated with every zone and so it will only allow you to pay for time periods that are allowed for the zone in question.

Once you have dialed up the zone and the parking time press ‘Park Now!’. A confirmation message will be displayed and after selecting ‘OK’ the App will display a Countdown page showing how much time remains before your parking expires.

If you quit the App from the countdown page any time and then restart the App any time before your parking has expired, the countdown page will again be displayed showing you how much time remains before your parking expires.

If you return to your vehicle earlier than expected you can select Stop and get a refund for any unused parking time.

Similarly if you are going to be away from your vehicle longer than expected you can Extend your parking time (as long as this does not exceed the maximum parking time).

Multiple Vehicles

If you have more than one vehicle registered on your account, then the first time you use the App you are able to choose the numberplate of the vehicle that you usually drive.

You can pay for parking for any vehicle registered with your account but the numberplate of the selected vehicle will be displayed on the home screen as the default. When you are driving your usual vehicle there is no need to change it.

If you wish to pay for a vehicle that is not your usual vehicle then press the current numberplate button and select the numberplate of the vehicle you are parking.

Config screen

The config screen enables you to set up and modify your parking expiry reminder, connect to a new account (or disconnect from all accounts by resetting the App), view your parking history, view phone2park contact details (as well as provide us with valuable feedback) and view the App version.


The App is free to download.

Using phone2park through the App is cheaper than texting because there are no 20 cent texting charges on your mobile bill and reminders are free.

Parking fees using the app are 6% of the parking cost.  For example, a 15 minute / $1 park would have a fee of 6 cents.  A 1 hr / $4 park in W01 would have a fee of 24 cents, and so on.

When you extend parking using the app, the extend fee is 6% of the extended parking cost.  For example when you extend by 30 minutes ($2 parking cost) this would have a fee of 12 cents.

For more information see the Charges page.