Phone2park A simpler way to pay for parking in Wellington

App Guide

Download the app

The phone2park app is available for both Android and iPhone and is free to download.

  First time user

When opening and using the App for the first time, you will be presented with a screen requesting you to choose Connect, Join or PAYG. The 'i' button provides more information for each one.




If you don’t have a phone2park account and you would like to join phone2park, please press Join button. A sign-up form will be displayed for you to fill out.





If you would like to use the simple pay as you go feature, please press the PAYG button. The app will request you to input your vehicle’s registration. Please make sure it’s input correctly


After that, the parking page will let you either select the zone or input the 4-digit bay number(not both) and the time you wish to park. Once selected press Next.


The credit card page will request you to input your credit card details to pay for your parking.

A prompt will appear asking to confirm your parking request. Please check your information has been input correctly, and then press Yes to confirm your parking. Your parking time starts as soon as the timer starts counting down.

As long as your parking hasn’t expired, the countdown will continue after you exit the app.



  Log in to App

If you have a phone2park account, please press Connect to connect to your account by your Username (email address) and Password.

You only need to connect once. After this, the app will remember your login details.



  Select default vehicle

When you log in for the first time, the app will ask you to choose the default vehicle.



  Pay for parking

Once you are on the parking page, simply select how long you’d like to park by spinning the hours/minutes dials. You can either specify your parking by selecting the zone number or input the 4-digit bay number, you can also select how long you wish to park. Once selected press PARK NOW.

A prompt will appear asking to confirm your parking request. Please check your information has been input correctly, and then press Yes to confirm your parking. Your parking time starts as soon as the timer starts counting down.

As long as your parking hasn’t expired, the countdown will continue after you exit the app.



  Stop parking

If you return to your vehicle earlier than expected, you can select Stop and get a refund for any unused parking time. There is no charge to stop parking.

Your parking will stop once you see the confirmation message.



  Extend parking

Similarly, if you are going to be away from your vehicle longer than expected, you can Extend your parking time (as long as this does not exceed the maximum parking time). Again, there will be a prompt page ask you to confirm your parking request. Please check your information has been input correctly, and then press Yes to confirm your parking.

Your parking will be extended once you see the countdown page.



  Coupon Parking

Coupon Parking is for vehicles being parked in the areas on the fringe of the central business district. These areas will be marked by large blue signs, displaying ‘Coupon Parking.’

The first two hours parked in those zones are free.

With phone2park, you need only press Coupon Park in the app and confirm your parking.

All Coupon Parking areas fall under the W13 zone, regardless of location in the city. You do not need to specify any time since Coupon Parking covers the whole day.

When paying for Coupon Parking in your app, the timer does not count down, as coupon parking covers the whole day. Coupon Parking cannot be Stopped or Extended.

Do not select Coupon Parking unless you are in a Coupon Parking specified zone. Coupon Parking is not applicable in those parking zones that use parking meters and have time limits. Parking wardens will not acknowledge a Coupon Parking request in these areas.



Multiple Vehicles

If you have more than one vehicle registered on your account, you can choose the number plate of the vehicle that you usually drive as your default vehicle.

If you’d like to pay for a vehicle that is not your default vehicle, please press the number plate button on the app and select the number plate of the vehicle you wish to park.

You are able to select a different vehicle to park, change the default vehicle or add/delete your vehicle.

Make sure to check which vehicle you are putting a parking request through for. We are unable to appeal any ticket received if the incorrect vehicle registration has been parked.




The Menu enables you to set up various aspects of administration on your account.

Once you press Menu, you will be able to see the config screen. It will allow you to check the current parking availability, top up your account, modify your parking expiry reminder, add vehicle, manage your account, connect to a new account, disconnect from all accounts by resetting the App, refresh the app, view your parking history, view phone2park contact details (as well as provide us with valuable feedback) , appeal the ticket and view the App version.



Parking Availability

Parking Availability helps customers to assess the current state of parking availability in town.

Projected Parking Demands shows the current parking percentage and predicts the state of parking in the next few hours throughout the day.

The Parking Availability Map shows available parking in Wellington City. Use two fingers to move, zoom in and out on the map.





  Top Up Account

You are able to do a credit top up on the app. Simply choose the amount you wish to top up on the app.

If you would like to have an automatic top up or text authorised top up, please press My Account and go to Advanced Top-Up Option to choose your top-up option. You will be topped up once your balance is under the threshold amount you select.

To permit an app to do credit card top-ups, please press My Account and go to Manage Smartphone Apps.




The App is free to download. Phone2park offers alternative payment options. You can also pay via text or use Park Online on the My Account page to pay for your parking. Please visit User Guide for more information.

Using phone2park via the App is cheaper than texting because there is no 20 cent texting charges on your mobile bill and reminders are free.

The app charges 6% of each parking cost. For example, a 15 minute / $1 park would have a fee of 6 cents.  A 1 hr of $4 park in W08 zone would have a cost of 24 cents, and so on.

When you extend parking using the app, the extend fee is 6% of the extended parking cost.  For example, when you extend by 30 minutes ($2 parking cost), this would have a fee of 12 cents.

There is no charge for stop parking.

For more information, please see the Charges page.



The Reminder section gives you options to turn on/off the reminder, to choose the numbers of reminders, and set the time when reminder go off and also choose the reminder sound.



Time Wheel Resolution

You can choose the interval time on the time wheel.




This is another way to add vehicle by pressing Add Vehicle button




There are a few settings under the Account section.

Manage My Account will guide you to the My Account on the website.

You can get your balance if you press Get Account Balance.

If you’d like to change the App Nickname, please press Change App Nickname.

If you’d like to connect to another Account, the Connect to another Account button will let you log into a different account.

Disconnect App will log you out from the app, it can also be treated as a manual app restart.

Refresh App will refresh the app and require an update from the server.




The app’s parking history is available to check via the Parking History section. Please note, this parking history is only temporarily stored on your phone. To view the full account history, please log in to My Account and go to View Statements.



Contact Us -Feedback

Here you will find our postal address and Customer Service phone number. There is also a section where you can write any feedback or suggestions you may have. Should you have any queries or uncertainties as well as feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us. Every little bit helps us develop the App and the service for easier use in the future.



Contact WCC

If you have received a parking ticket and you believe this ticket is incorrect, you can appeal the ticket. It will lead you to the city council parking website to appeal.

Phone2park can offer to appeal the ticket on your behalf. Please log into My Account and go to Ticket Assistant or email us a photo of the ticket, your postal address and your date of birth. This information is required for the appeal process. Email us at

You can also leave a message to the council for feedback or advice.




You can either visit our help page or call our customer support line.




This gives you the legal information and the app version.