Phone2park A simpler way to pay for parking in Wellington


When you use phone2park, small transaction fees (along with Wellington City Council parking charges) are charged to your phone2park account.

Wellington City Council parking charges remain the same as they do for all parking payment methods. The minimum WCC parking charge is $1.00.

It is free to join and there is no bond.

Transaction Fee Summary

Transaction Fee By Txt App
Pay for Parking 40 cents 6% of parking cost
Reminder Txt 30 cents Free
Extend Parking 20 cents 6% of extended parking cost
Stop Parking 20 cents Free

NB: In addition to our fees, your mobile provider will charge 20 cents for txts sent to 8441.

App fees are charged at 6% of the parking cost - a 15 minute / $1 park would have a fee of 6 cents.  A 1 hr / $4 park in W01 would have a fee of 24 cents, and so on.

Other Fees

Fee Amount
$30 Credit Card Topup $1.40
$100 Credit Card Topup $3.30
$200 Credit Card Topup $4.90
Close Account $2.50

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Savings and Benefits

Claiming parking as a business expense is easy as all your parking transactions are held online in your phone2park account. A tax invoice covering any time period can be downloaded from My Account at any time.

Texting STOP to claim for unused parking (and the extend parking text to avoid tickets) should make phone2park not only the most convenient but also the cheapest method of paying for your parking.

Phone2park uses a gateway to ensure that texts are sent and received with minimum delay and maximum reliability. As a consequence of this, irrespective of your call plan, mobile phone providers charge 20 cents to your mobile phone account when you text a request to 8441.

App Savings

The App is free, and cheaper to use than texting.  Transaction charges are 6% of the parking cost when you park or extend a park.  Stopping your park is free.  Reminders are also free. The App also avoids the 20 cent text charges on your mobile bill.

Pay for Parking

When you txt, the phone2park fee for the initial payment transaction (e.g. P60 W01) is 40 cents. (Please note that 20 cents is also charged to your mobile phone account when you text your extend request to 8441.)

When you use the app, the phone2park fee is 6% of the WCC parking cost.  For instance, a 1 hr / $4 park in W01 has a fee of 24 cents.

Reminder Text

You can choose to receive a reminder text to remind you when your parking payment is about to expire. The phone2park fee per reminder text is 30 cents.

Reminder alerts are free when you use the App.

Extend Parking

When you extend your parking time via txt (e.g. E40 to extend your parking time by 40 minutes) the transaction fee is 20 cents. (Please note that 20 cents is also charged to your mobile phone account when you text your extend request to 8441.)

Extending parking using the App incurs a 6% phone2park fee based on the cost of the additional parking time.  For example, if you extend a park in W01 by 30 minutes, this costs $2 in WCC parking, and the phone2park fee would be 12 cents. 

Stop Parking

To stop your parking time text (ie STOP) the transaction fee is 20 cents. However your account will be refunded for the unused parking time. (Please note that 20 cents is also charged to your mobile phone account when you text your stop request to 8441.)

If you stop parking using the App, it is free.

Check your Balance

To check the balance in your phone2park account you simply text BAL to 8441. There is no phone2park fee for this service.

Credit Card Top Up Fees

When you top up your phone2park account from your credit card you will be charged a top up fee to cover the cost of the transaction.

We do not store your credit card details and use specialist providers of electronic payment services to ensure that these transactions are safe and secure.

Credit Card Top Up Amount Fee
$30 $1.40
$100 $3.30
$200 $4.90

There is no charge when you top up using Online Banking

Close Account and Refund Balance Fee

If you wish to close your account for any reason we will refund your outstanding balance less a refund fee of $2.50.

Refunds are usually made using internet banking to transfer funds, but we can also send a cheque to the address associated with your account.

If your account balance is less than $2.50, we will reduce the fee for closing the account so that the final balance is zero. In this case there will be no refund payable.