Phone2park A simpler way to pay for parking in Wellington

phone2park User Guide

After you join phone2park, you can park using our Android or iPhone app, or by txting 8441.

Parking by app is simple. Click here for a detailed explanation of how to use the phone2park app.

Parking by txt involves sending txt messages to the phone2park txt number 8441. For example, when you txt P30 W01 to 8441 your default vehicle will be parked for 30 minutes in zone W01.

When you park by txt, your mobile number must be registered against your phone2park account.


Parking Time

App - simply dial up the time in hours and minutes. Your parking time starts as soon as the timer starts counting down.

Txt - specify the parking time with P followed by the time in minutes, eg. P30. Your parking time starts when we receive your text.

WCC has minimum and maximum parking times which vary by parking zone.


Parking Zones

There are different parking zones around Wellington marked by large yellow signs on the pay-and-display machines. (Remember you don't have to use these machines if you park using phone2park!).

When you park using phone2park, you should tell us which zone you are in.

App - simply choose the zone in the Zone Wheel.

Txt - include the zone in your txt message. For example, P30 W01 tells us that you are parking in zone W01.


  • Wellington zones start with a W and have two digits e.g. W01. The 0 in W01 is a ZERO not the letter 'O'.
  • W01 is the most common parking zone in Wellington and makes up about 70% of roadside parking.
  • It is an offence to specify a parking zone that is cheaper than the one you are parking in. However there are no parking zones with a higher hourly rate than zone W01. 
  • When using phone2park you must still comply with the minimum and maximum parking times in the zone you are parked in.

Bay Numbers

Most parks in Wellington now have a four-digit bay number in a plaque on the kerb. You can use this instead of a parking zone.

App - simply enter the bay number in the Bay Number field.

Txt - include the bay number in your txt message. For example, P30 2890 tells us that you are parking in bay number 2890.


  • Do not specify both bay number and parking zone in txt messages.  Just use the bay number.


Confirmation Messages

App - your parking is paid for when the timer starts counting down.

Txt - you should get a confirmation txt within a few seconds:

PPP123 parked in W01 (P120) for 60 mins! Your parking expires at 4:25 pm. Your balance is $32.40. Reminder at 4:20 pm.

Receipt of this message is important as it confirms that your parking is paid for, which vehicle has been parked, and when your parking expires.  You cannot assume that your parking is paid for until you have received this message.

If there is a problem with the mobile network, it can take up to a few minutes to get a confirmation txt.  If you are unsure, you can txt STATUS to 8441 to check.


Coupon Parking

You can use phone2park to park in a Coupon zone.

App - choose W13 in the zone wheel

Txt - txt W13 or COUPON to 8441


  • You do not need to specify any time since coupon parking covers the whole day
  • When paying for Coupon Parking in your app, the timer does not count down, as coupon parking covers the whole day
  • Coupon parking cannot be Stopped or Extended


Extend Parking

If you are going to be longer than expected getting back to your car, you can extend your current parking.

App - press the Extend button

Txt - txt an E followed by the number of extra minutes you want, eg to extend parking by 30 minutes, txt E30 to 8441.


  • When extending parks, the maximum parking time for the zone still applies (eg, 2 hours in zone W01).


Stop Parking

If you return to your car earlier than expected, you can stop your parking and save some money.

App - press the STOP button in the app.

Txt - txt STOP to 8441.

Your account will be refunded the remaining parking time.


  • When stopping a very short park, the minimum WCC parking payment of $1.00 applies (eg, 15 minutes in zone W01).


Multiple Vehicles

phone2park accounts can have more than one vehicle and more than one mobile phone.  These are both managed in My Account.

App - simply select the vehicle you want to park.

Txt - each mobile phone on your account can have a default vehicle, set up in the 'Add/Edit Mobile Phones' page. When you send a parking txt without a registration plate, such as P60 W01, your default vehicle will be parked.

Txt - to park other vehicles on your account, you simply include the vehicle registration plate in your txt message. For example, to park a vehicle with numberplate ECTO1, you would txt ECTO1 P60 W01


  • The confirmation txt you receive will always tell you which vehicle was parked.



App - reminder messages are free.

Txt - you can choose to receive a reminder txt message 5 minutes before your parking expires:

Your parking is about to expire.

To get a txt reminder for your park, add R to the end of your txt, eg P60 W01 R

You can choose to get a txt reminder for every park using My Account in 'Add/Edit Mobile Phones'.

If your phone has txt reminders turned on by default, you can turn reminders off for your park by adding NR to the end of your txt, eg P60 W01 NR



phone2park charges small fees when you Park, Extend, Stop or receive a Reminder txt. See the Charges page for more details.